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Building sliders has never been easier. Our drag & drop visual slider builder also supports smart features like undo/redo, multi-select, keyboard shortcuts etc. It also incorporates services like the Adobe CC Image Editor to provide Photoshop-like image editing capabilities. LayerSlider PowerBuilder is available only for the WordPress version.


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Build from the simplest to the most advanced sliders with advanced features! For example:


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"I enjoy using this top-class product for its ease of use, wide range of features, flexibility and realiability. I found it intuitively easy to use from the start and it has helped me produce some really impressive websites."

"This plugin is perfect. It's streamlined my creative process when it comes to configuring beautiful, impacting, design elements on my WP powered sites."

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Welcome to LayerSlider!

LayerSlider is a premium multi-purpose animation platform. Sliders, image galleries, slideshows with mind-blowing effects, landing pages, animated page blocks, or even a full website can be created using LayerSlider 6.

Why choose LayerSlider?

We have a lot of reasons!


with stunning effects

animate everything
  • more than 200 pre-defined slide transitions,
  • parallax, even in 3D & Ken Burns effect,
  • hover, loop & multi-step animations
  • playByScroll & timelines,
  • filters & layer masks,
  • random & cycle properties,
  • animate colors & common CSS properties
  • static layers & pop-out-of-slider effects
New Animation Engine
The LayerSlider Editor


focused on user experience & usability

smart & intuitive
  • drag & drop visual editor with undo/redo
  • group selection, rulers with guides, copy & paste layers options
  • popout editor to edit everything in one place without scrolling
  • image editor powered by Adobe Creative Cloud,
  • timeline with color-coded markers
  • keyboard shortcuts
  • & a lot more...


released and updated regularly

Use them for ...
  • personal needs (e.g. slideshow of family photos)
  • professional business website
  • presentation of your creative work
  • retail and commercial purposes
  • or even for ads on billboards
Premium templates
Premium templates Premium templates Premium templates Premium templates Premium templates Premium templates Premium templates Premium templates
Dynamic Content


from WP posts & pages

Use it to ...
  • pull content dynamically from posts & pages
  • build auto-updating news and content sliders
  • import/embed content from popular services like Flickr (coming soon)


on all of your devices

additional features include ...
  • full width, full size, hero scene and fullscreen sliders
  • looks and works perfectly on every device out of the box
  • alternative device-specific layouts in the same slider
  • 18 skins, theming options, and many more customization options


performance & compatibility

  • compatible with all popular browsers
  • SEO friendly & localization ready
  • retina and hi-res ready
  • using cutting edge technologies
  • tested on a variety of devices
  • optimizations for mobile devices
  • bandwidth friendly by serving variable resolution images
  • WordPress multisite ready *


we care for our customers

  • you receive lifetime updates
  • we have nice documentation with clear language
  • we have online assets such as FAQs and Knowledge Base
  • we are here to help you with installation and configuration
  • hands on support with a dedicated team of professionals
Great Support

features marked with * are not available in jQuery (standalone) version