LayerSlider PopupsUsing LayerSlider as a fancy modal window

LayerSlider is a well established product with many years of experience behind it. Combining our strong foundation and the vast number of features we already have with the newly introduced Popup plugin makes LayerSlider one of the best choice among popup plugins. All the features you would use in sliders are also available in Popups as well. This includes our feature rich image & content editor, multilingual popups, dynamic content from WP posts, and of course LayerSlider’s animation capabilities.

In addition, the LayerSlider Popup plugin comes with a variety of new options to fine tune the appearance and control when and how to display popups. Greet new visitors on your site with a beautifully designed animated banner with newsletter subscription or other offers. Display a message when they become idle. Show them recommended content before leaving the page or when they finished reading an article. There are a lot of possibilities and all of LayerSlider’s content creation and animation capabilities are at your service to make popups that stand out from the crowd.

Layout Modes & Appearance

We're supporting all layout modes that makes sense. You can stick your Popup to the browser edges and corners, use sidebars, infobars, centered modal windows or even full size / full screen Popups. There are a lot of options to fine tune the appearance, transitions and behavior of your Popups to your own needs.



Custom Styled Modal Window

Full Size

Extensive Triggers

Popups can open automatically after the specified number of seconds. You can also set a timer for idle visitors to remind them of something. You can launch a Popup after visitors have scrolled down / up X amount specified in pixels or percents. An exit intent trigger also available to detect when visitors are about to leave your page. Naturally, there are also various ways to launch a Popup with clicking on a button or specific elements on page.

Open / Close by click

Open / Close by SCROLL

Open when leaving page

Open on Idle / Timeout

Powered by LayerSlider

All the features you love in LayerSlider are also available in Popups. Our easy to use drag and drop visual editor, the unlimited content creation and breathtaking animation capabilities, etc. are all at your service. See our home page to learn more

Target Audience

Schedule Popups to display at a specific date and time. Customize who can see them based on user roles and other factors. You can even target first time visitors. With page level targeting and repeat control you can fine tune when, where and to whom your Popup will appear.

Advanced Features

With many advanced features, we're aiming to also satisfy niche needs. You can access several hidden options to further customize your Popup behavior and appearance. We're also providing other Popup-specific features elsewhere in LayerSlider, like the ability to open/close and control the Popup by Smart links and the LayerSlider API.

It's Free & Well Supported

As always, the Popups feature comes with your LayerSlider license for free, there is no separate purchase or hidden fees. The Template Store now includes a Popups category with a growing number of importable demos. With free lifetime updates, we will continuously improve and extend the capabilities of Popups and our excellent customer service provides timely answers if you need assistance.